what is energy ? | Energy crisis And Solutions

what is energy?

In this article, we’re gonna talk about energy.

Imperativeness got from the utilization of physical or blend resources, especially to give light and heat or to work machines. Coal, petroleum, electricity, wood, sunlight, gas, nuclear power are sources of energy.
The energy is divided into 2 types.

They are :
renewable energy
nonrenewable energy

The modern world is powered by electric energy. Electricity is extracted by most methods, whatever the source of energy. Here are some of the major sources of potential for Nepal and the energy sources used in the world.

Energy crisis
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Energy crisis:

energy crisis means the problem of the energy crisis is due to a lack of energy in people’s daily life. An energy crisis means a shortage of even the minimum energy required for daily work.

Major Causes of Energy Crisis

-Increase in industrialization
-The decay of energy source,
-Increase in energy consumption by population growth,
-Not being able to assess demand and supply on time,
-Electric leakage rates remain high,
-The global energy crisis is increasing due to the increasing demand for fuel.

Energy crisis solutions

-Effective energy distribution,
-Emphasizing renewable energy production,
-Increase in nuclear energy production,
-Reduce energy consumed,
-Increase hydropower generation
-Awareness of the importance of energy management etc.

Areas affected by the energy crisis

1.Agricultural sector :

Lack of energy has a direct impact on the operation of tractors, power tillers, etc. used in agriculture. Likewise, lift irrigation, motor irrigation, etc. also have an impact. The energy crisis will reduce the production of the agricultural sector as the industries used to produce agricultural produce raw material will be reduced.

2. Industrial sector :

The area most affected by the energy crisis is the industrial sector. Due to the power crisis, the industry is unable to produce according to its consumption.

3.Commercial sector :
The auto sector is affected while the industrial sector is affected. Due to the lack of timely energy, the daily business can not be operated on time.

4.Human  life  sector :
Demand for energy consumed in daily life (eg: lighting, drawing water, running TV, cooking) is increasing and supply is decreasing. Life is becoming very difficult due to the lack of energy in the state of human beings oriented towards mechanization.

5.sector of Infrastructural Development:

In the absence of energy infrastructure development is difficult in the area of infrastructure development, including the transportation of goods.

6.Public service sector :

Lack of energy also affects public access services. if There is no light, no gasoline or other energy, etc. there is a huge impact on service flow.
Finally, the basis of development is energy. Not only that, but energy is also a matter connected with man’s food, housing, cloth. Without energy, our routine would not have begun. Industrial development cannot be imagined without energy. Therefore, the state and the stakeholders need to look at how the energy available can be maximized at the lowest cost.

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