What is global warming and What are its effects

What is global warming

global warming means  Climate change is a negative change in water and air, due to increased pollution volume.  In fact, the change in the statistical results of the weather over a long period of time is called global warming.

global warming
climate change

As more and more pollution increases in the earth, the temperature of the earth increases, with various adverse effects that negatively affect economic and social life.  Climate change can also adversely affect processes, such as ecosystems and biodiversity, which may impair the natural balance.

Extreme and uncontrolled factories and industries are being established on earth and activities of development are underway.  The population is increasing rapidly with the pace of development.  Because of the inability to properly manage the population, the impact of this kind of pollution occurs elsewhere every day.
Due to climate change, extreme temperature rise and melting of snow in the mountains create conditions for village settlements.  Due to climate change, it is not at a time when the crops are ripe but sometimes before or after.

The influx of climate change is also the result of the swelling of hundreds and hundreds of blooms in Egypt.  global warming causes a variety of diseases, such as diarrhea, high fever, skin cancer, difficulty in breathing.  Not only that, due to climate change, unseasonal rainfall, acid rain, declining production patterns, and biological diversity are also negatively affected. the ongoing water cycle on the earth, which creates problems of rainfall.


What are its effects

global warming itself is not.  This increased population was created due to the industry, factories, brick kilns, automobile fumes and smoke that developed along the arc.  As the population increases, the number of forests and landslides has increased.  As the forests are being massed, the water source is also drying up and bringing the sewage coming out of the factory, the water quality has deteriorated and the water is polluted.  Thousands of people are massing forests in the name of development.  You don’t have to go too far, for example.

The only thing that came up was the construction of an international airport in Nijgadh Nepal.  The trees there are beginning to be cut down, which has neither a map nor a budget nor any plans to build an airport for that purpose.  In this way, people change their forests without understanding or understanding the importance of forests.

global warming

Humans and other organisms need oxygen to survive, but humans are increasing the harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide, super dioxide, methane, by burning plastic.  Such gases are increasing and the weight level in the atmosphere is diminishing.
If the ozone layer becomes too thin, the harmful parasitic rays of the sun fall on the surface of the earth and could endanger the lives of humans and other animals.  Therefore, in order to control climate change, let us manage the proper amount of waste, control the population, control the rate of migration, manage industries and factories.  Let’s plant a tree to make every person’s birthday auspicious.  Let the pollution control program be conducted worldwide and clean.  Let us live ‘clean and happy’ life.

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