why you need to be Careful while visiting Malaysia

in this article, I will explain my own experience in Malaysia about why you need to be careful while visiting Malaysia?

you need to be careful while visiting Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia but you need to be careful while visiting Malaysia this country is famous for Beaches, rain forest, mix culture of Malay – Chinese – Indian. Malaysia is the best destination for tourist because it has many strange things you can see in Malaysia. It is a Muslim country but not strict law as Arabic countries.

why you need to be Careful while visiting Malaysia

In this article, I gonna express my own experience in Malaysia.

In 2014  I had gone to Malaysia as an employee of an electronic technological company ( Flextronics Technology pvt.ltd.). Which was established in Penang Malaysia? Malaysia is a beautiful country to visit as a tourist but as a worker/employee you will have to face many difficulties in that country. The difficulties are starts in a few seconds when you landed at the airport in Malaysia. The policemen are corrupted, they can robber you in the Airport, they never follow the rules of Malaysia.

robbed by a policeman in Airport

When I was landed in the kl Airport I found every policeman have 50-60 new SIM CARDS in their pockets for sale in Black. They sell the sim card for an expensive price. They will not collect any id proof for that sim card. They sell that sim card to us at RM 50,  but the same sim we found outside only in RM 10. people will buy the SIM Card in the Airport because it is the first priority to foreign people and they don’t know the actual price of it. So the police robbed us RM 40 ($12) from everyone by using tricks of SIM CARDS. so never buy anything in Malaysia Airport.

so I don’t want to go to Malaysia again


Police take our 3rd month’s Salary in Penang

One evening in July we Five friends were going to the supermarket in Bukit Jambul. In the Bus Stop, we were waiting for a bus, at the same time six policeman came in motorcycle and they stopped around us. They asked for check our passport. And we give them the Company verified photocopy of our passport. The original passport was with the HR management of our company. The police collected our passport photocopy and threw in the wasted water then they call a police van and take us to the police station. They take our mobile phone and they put us in prison that night. They don’t give any water and food for us.

We don’t do any mistake, we had Verified passport photocopy which was through by the police. But why the police do all like this?

Because they know we are new In Malaysia. We don’t know the Malay language so they want to rob us.

The next morning the policeman called to the HR manager and said that “your employee didn’t have any copy of passport so we arrest them”. immediately our HR manager comes to the Police station with the original passport and requests police to let us go with him. But the police refused his request and asked for RM 1500  ($400) per person. Without paying that money the police will not let us return to the company. So our HR Manager goes to the Bank and take RM 7500 ( $2000) and give to the police and take us to the company. The company deducts that money from next month salary.

so I don’t want to go to Malaysia again

why you need to be Careful while visiting Malaysia

Thief takes money from our ATM

After two months we robbed by police, we again robbed by thieves. In a day of September, me and my one friend waiting for a bus at the same bus stop, five young boys were coming in three bikes. And they stopped near us. They caught us and one boy takes a knife from his bag and he put near my stomach. The other boys start to search for our purse and pocket. We have only RM.200 cash but there also have ATM Card which has RM 2,000 ($500) Each. They asked the pin code of ATM Card and the threatened that if we give wrong pin code they will put that knife inside my stomach.

So we were afraid and we give the pin code

of bank card. One boy went to the ATM machine and the remaining four boys still have with us and they still catch us. The boy who had gone to the ATM machine he called to the boy and said he already take money from ATM. Then they leave us and ran away.

We never go to the police to complain about this,  because if we go there the policeman will take the remain things that we have or they will do the same as before.

never walk alone on the streets

so I don’t want to go to Malaysia again

you need to be careful while visiting Malaysia


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